Three Nights at a Phi Phi Island Eco Resort

This is the last time you need to wear shoes”, Lion chuckles through a German accent. He’s the Hotel Manager that greeted us at Zeavola Resort, a Phi Phi Island Eco Resort and Small Luxury Hotels of the World member. Lion, we soon learn, doesn’t expect anything from his guests that he wouldn’t uphold himself… it’s been three years since he wore shoes to work.

We’re not ones to argue with hotel management, so for the next three nights, we didn’t touch our shoes. Think about it… when was the last time you went days without wearing any footwear? It’s mentally disarming; with sand between your toes and the sun shining on your face, how could you not relax?

Zeavola encourages its guests to ‘take a step back into simplicity’. The beauty of Zeavola Resort is that it doesn’t over complicate things. If you’re staying in one of the most beautiful parts of a remote island… what is it that you really need? If your answer sounds something like ‘refreshing coconuts, beanbags on the beach, a garden suite with an outdoor shower, freshly-caught fish in your Thai curry and traditional longtail boat tours”, then this blog post is for you!

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