Bon Voyage! Our unforgettable journey from Brisbane to Paris

The alarm sounds off a dull trill and for the first time in a very long time, both Matt and I bound out of bed at 4am with zero hesitation. It’s adventure day! We’ve been looking forward to our second #squadSQ adventure from the moment the last one ended and the day is finally here. Packed, caffeinated and raring to go, we climb into my mum’s car and listen to her traditional pre-departure safety briefing, capped off with a final and very appropriate reminder; “Have fun, I love you.”

After grabbing a delicious breakfast and coffee from the SilverKris lounge at Brisbane Airport’s International terminal, it’s time to board. From the moment we glimpse the brand-new medium haul Business Class cabin products, we’re both buzzing with excitement! We waste no time getting to work, filming B Roll for our YouTube video and snapping photos of ourselves enjoying every moment. Slightly embarrassed by our dorky behaviour, the crew’s beautiful smiles are welcome reassurance and they generously join in, posing for photos and videos as they begin service.

Matt is presented with his Book the Cook meal of perfectly prepared pan-fried barramundi served with native pepperberry sauce, sautéed vegetables and saffron fettuccine pasta. The fish is flavoursome, flakey and sumptuously juicy. Matt is wide-eyed, hungry and armed with a fork. In the blink of an eye, the fish has been gobbled up and a slice of New York cheesecake has replaced it. I tuck into my vegetarian vegan meal, enjoying every bite of the fresh, delicious vegetables on my plate.

We touch down in Singapore feeling well-rested, collect our bags and make our way to Crowne Plaza Changi Airport where our room awaits. After a quick freshen up we’re eager to make our way to the Club Lounge and catch up with Raymond, the incredible host who made us all feel so welcome last year and sort of became an unofficial mascot our crew. The cocktails are flowing and just when it feels like things couldn’t get any better, in strolls the rest of #squadSQ. Hugs and kisses fly, followed by stories and laughter. It’s so good to see our friends again.

After a day spent exploring Jewel at Changi Airport and taking sneaky Instagram videos of our #squadSQ counterparts, it’s time to check-in for our flight to Paris. Luke, Kate and Olly walk us to our departure gate where we hug farewell. As we settle into our spacious Business Class seats aboard the world’s largest passenger aircraft, bound for Paris, we both can’t help but beam with joy. We’re blessed with great friends, amazing travel opportunities and adventures we’ll never forget. I nestle into the comfortable flatbed and flash one final smile at Matt before we snuggle into our pillow and drift off to sleep. It’s adventure day.


The journey’s not yet begun

Check back soon to follow the squadSQ adventures from the beginning.