Luxury Babymoon in Phuket

After spending 36 hours in Singapore with the rest of the #squadSQ, it was time for us to move on to our second destination… Phuket!

Phuket holds a special place in our relationship, as it’s the first location we ever travelled to as a couple on our honeymoon. Now… we are returning 8 years later, this time on our babymoon! Phoebe is 33 weeks pregnant, so we were looking forward to a relaxing, luxurious few days in the sun.

Getting there was exceptionally easy, just a quick flight from Singapore and a few episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the inflight entertainment, and we had arrived! As always, service from the Singapore Airlines staff was impeccable.

Upon arrival, we were picked up and transferred to the marina to get the ferry to Zeavola Resort on Phi Phi Island. For safety reasons (Phoebe’s pregnancy), we caught a 3-hour ferry, however there is a 1-hour ferry option for the non-pregnant folk!

Upon arrival, Lion, the hotel manager at Zeavola, looked at us and chuckled, “This is the last time you have to wear shoes in this resort”. We’re not one to argue with hotel management… so for the next three days, there was nothing between the white sand and our feet! The following days were filled with sunshine, boat tours, all of our favourite Thai dishes and a relaxing Thai Massage! Three nights later it was time for us to say goodbye to Zeavola, however our babymoon wasn’t over yet!

We spent the next two nights at the newly-opened Twin Palms MontAzure, and what a treat it was! Not only did we have a huge apartment (bigger than our home in Sydney), we admired the alluring views of the pool and Kamala Beach every moment we had too!

They spoilt us for 48 hours! From a massage at Catch Beach Club, to meals at Shimmer and Beach HQ and a sunset cruise on a luxury yacht, we were truly blown away by the Thai warmth and hospitality. Our last day saw a quick stop at Keemala Resort to enjoy another massage (because two is simply not enough on a babymoon) and a seven-course degustation for lunch!

We’re leaving Thailand a little overfed, slightly sun-kissed and extremely relaxed. Now, we’re headed to London with Singapore Airlines for our next adventure!


The journey’s not yet begun

Check back soon to follow the squadSQ adventures from the beginning.