3 Day London Babymoon Itinerary

We’ve decided to put together a 3 day London Babymoon itinerary because let’s be honest, travelling looks a little different when you’re pregnant.

Whilst you’re unable to enjoy a bottomless brunch (and when you’re travelling in London you could swear everyone is enjoying this on a Saturday), there’s still plenty to see, do and taste in The Big Smoke.

We spent three days in total in London as part of #squadSQ, and absolutely loved it! Having lived in Cambridge, we’ve spent quite a few weekends in this world-class city. Still, we relished the opportunity to be here again, seeing the sights and catching up with some friends along the way.

Below, is our 3 Day London Babymoon Itinerary. We hope you enjoy it, and that you can use it to make your own adventure before you meet your little one!

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The journey’s not yet begun

Check back soon to follow the squadSQ adventures from the beginning.